“FASHION IN FUSION” show made a mark …in Fashion industry

New Delhi – Yet another amazingly unique fashion show organized by Rinki Sharma, the director and founder of Sai Entertainments, who has once again proved  to the word that the term” fashion” is not only about glam, designer outfits and rampwalks by gorgeous models but it can also be used tactfully for spreading important and valuable moral messages blended beautifully with fashion to the world. Sai Entertainments was born to support noble causes like ” beti bachao beti padhao” ,women empowerment” and on this grand fashion event ” Fashion in Fusion”, it celebrated the most beautiful bond of love i.e, ‘ family’ . Kids and their parents performed together, hand in hand, respecting each others point of view, and, developing a better understanding of each other inspite of the generation gap between them.

‌The fashion event ‘ Fashion in Fusion’ was organized in Bipin Chandra Pal Auditorium on 30th July, 2017.
‌the beautiful evening started off with Ganesh Vandana and the lamp lighting  by the prestigious and popular guest of honour Mr. Sandeep Marwah, the owner and founder of film city Noida and Marwah Studio and the mesmerizing organizer of the show Rinki Sharma .  The show was hosted by the most talented anchor RJ Vikki . Through this fashion show Kids from Sai Bandhan Trust Foundation, an NGO ,   performed on an Act the Moto of which was to make our society realise that ‘humanity is the biggest of all the religion’ .Thereafter ,   Audience went gaga by the  stunning Dance performance of the Bollywood dance troupe, “scorpion” which was definately the show stealer. After the dance  performance by the Scorpion Dance Troupe , the ramp was taken over by gorgeous lil kid models and their parents who displayed a unique walk on the ramp, demonstrating their unity, love, affection and team work in front of everyone. The joy of the audience knew no bounds when Mr. Pankaj Jeswani made all of the beautiful ladies on ramp and off ramp dance to the rhythm  of his golden songs. It was then followed by an  award ceremony wherein, renowned personalities like Mr. Sandeep Marwah( Media Personality, owner and founder of Film City, Noida),  Mrs. Vandana Verma ( chief editor of greh Lakshmi  a magazine) , Mridula Tandon ( President of Sakshi NGO), Laxmi Shankar Bajpayi ( Deputy Director of A.I.R. , Mamta Kiran ( a well renowned Poet) , Rahul Trehan (Director of Sai Bandhan Trust) , Shikha Sharma ( celebrity dietician), Pankaj Jeswani ( celebrity singer and composer) , Ritu Bhagat ( Director of Fusion Magazine), Pushpawant Sharma( Deputy Director of DD National News Channel),  Shashidhar Shukla( Chief Editor of Pratyaksh Bharat Newspaper), Amit Garg( sponser and managing director of AGS) were fecilitated with awards and trophies  for their special appearances as guests of honour. Associates like RJ Vikki( Anchor), sunny Vashisht( choreographer), Lavi Nagar( Choreographer) , Meena Sunar( Back stage management) , Poonam Sahu Sharma ( script writer of Sai Entertainments), Ruby Sharma ( Makeup Artist) , Renu Arora (celebrity makeup artist) , Arjun( photographer)  were also equally honoured for their valuable contribution towards the success of the show.
‌ The splendid evening left an everlasting smile on the faces of many and deep imprints in the hearts of the audiences, guests and participants by the message that the event carried throughout, that, in a family everyone has an important role to play in each others life. Noone is big or small but should be treated as equals.parents and children should value and respect each other and that if they work together as a team then there will be nothing in this world that they won’t be able to achieve . And, the second important message that was attempted to be passed on to our society, specially by the act enacted by the lil angels of Sai Bandhan Trust NGO was that we all are human and that humanity is the only religion that should be followed religiously to bring in the much awaited peace in the daily hustle and bustle of our lives . The show ended on a happy note leaving many satisfied faces behind and an evening to be remembered and deeply treasured inside our hearts for years to come.