Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Inaugrates Railway Welfare Scheme in Bengaluru.

* New Suburban trains for city soon !.
* 1 lakh Crore for development of railways department .
* 80 thousand crore used for management of railway sector alone .
* City soon to be embracing Suburban trains .
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Make in India initiative in 2015, and since the country has been witnessing many changes.
A Momentous occasion for the South Western Railways in Bengaluru as various railway welfare scheme dedicated and commissioned by Railway minister in Bengaluru .
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu with Union ministers as Prakash Javadekar,D V Sadananda Gowda,with Lok Sabha MP, P C Mohan with state Ministers as,R V Deshpande,K J George,BBMP Mayor Smt, G Padmavathi,with MLC,M Narayanaswamy,Railway officials as, A K Gupta,Genreal Manager of SWR,R S Saxena DRM Bengaluru, N S Sridhar Murthy Senior DCM SBC,with public relation officers as,Vishwas,Narendra C and other Dignataries were also present at the launch of passenger amenities and railway projects across the State, he was urged by several national and State leaders from Karnataka to fast-track the project of sub urban rail .
The amenities formally launched by Railway minister include a lift at the Yesvantpur Railway Station, two road over bridges at Rajanukunte and Muthyalnagar, and a renovated food plaza at the Hubbali station. Mr. Prabhu also flagged off of a rake procured from JSW Steel under the Liberalised Wagon Investment Scheme, besides releasing a booklet Railway – An Active Partner In development of karnataka as on the role of Indian Railways in Karnataka was too launched.
P C Mohan BJP Lok sabha member said I have requested Hon’ble Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu ji to immediately come to a conclusion on the SuburbanRail project for Bengaluru.I am grateful to the Indian Railways Minister, who dedicated a number of projects in South Western Railways division, for immediately responding to my suggestion and directing South Western Railways – SWR GM and officers to start discussion with Karnataka government on the issue. With (Chief Minister of Karnataka, KJ George).I hope the State Government at least now comes to the discussion table and announce the signing of a SPV for this long pending project in accordance with the nationwide railway policy on suburban rail he added.
RV Deshpande urges Centre to fast track railway projects in state, including Bengaluru suburban railway project too as he said it is a long felt dream of bengalureans so please implement it soon he added .
Prakash Javadekar, union minister of Human Resource Development said, The thirst of Modi Government and Suresh Prabhu ji is ensuring passengers safety,Passenger facilities,that’s most important. This renovation of food plaza this also is very important at hubli and Rajanukunte road over bridge. So renovation of food plaza because food has to be healthy otherwise I am travelling railways for 45 years now but 45 years earlier they used to serve us open plates and there used to be stomach ache in many things but now now with more and more conciousness and efforts these health food is very important and there also publishing a booklet on railway an active partner in the development of karnataka. We believe  in cooperative federalism and Suresh Prabhu ji has given a new dynamics “just tweet him somebody tweets him that I am not getting milk in any railway station for my child after he receives the tweet he arranges the milk for the passenger within 15 minutes” what a minister he is we have not seen this type of minister ever this what such an active tweeting minister he is this all things we are doing to address the passengers amenities and safety we can achieve Railways are our life nerves of our national life with this it is happening Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas he added.
Sadananad Gowda, union minister for Statistics and programme implementation  said in the last budget 3174 crores has been alloted to the railways in Karnataka. So it is from 753 cores to 3174 crores it is nearly 4 or 5 times more than the allocations used to allot in earlier days and as far as Bengaluru is concerned and as far as karnataka is concerned during last 3 years 29 new trains have been introduced,frequency of 5 trains has been increased and 8 trains have been extended.258 kms new line and 114 kms doubling has been commissioned throughout 84 route kms of electrification has been completed, 136 unnamed LCS and 89 manual LCS have been closed 59 ROBS and 204 RUBS has been constructed particularly all these initiation might have been taken earlier but it has given a speed and it has been completed since last 3 years. So a special importance has been  given to railways since last 3 years across the country including state of karnataka. With regard to suburban railways I too urge the railway minister and state government to clear the project as it is the need of the hour phase -1 of Namma Metro is completed. Even I have travelled by metro 3 days back to Yelachanahalli to attend some programme during my travel I interacted with a Accenture company employee she said before she used to spend 500 rupees to go to office but now she is almost saving 400 rupees everyday after the phase-1 metro has been commissioned he added.
Suresh Prabhu,Railway minister after dedicating the railways welfare scheme, he said it is a very happy moment for all of us we have once again brought in major developments in Karnataka State with new facilities and innovations and the make in India the bells engines is made by GE which is a American multi national company and Alston which is french multinational company they are to manufacture in next few months is already under rolling this is the biggest Make in India programme under implementation and this will increase the speed of all railways because the locomotives are the major driver of the speed this will happen in the course of next few months itself in addition to that we are committed to develop railway stations and already only yesterday we signed an agreement 10 stations have been given to NBCC, 30 -40 more stations have been handed over to them in next few months in addition to that 23 station are already open for bidding for PPP so this is the 1 lakh Crore Investment that is going to happen through the private public participating into the railways through this process. I am very happy that we are on track of developing we are developing not only stations 40,000 coaches which is almost 85 % of the because we have got 52,000 coaches, 84 % of the coaches which are very old which are in a way not getting to the demands of the people we are completely withdrawing them in the course of next 5 years. So stations will be in develop coaches will be changed speed will be increased we are investing 18000 crores in the increasing speed of railway apprehances for two major corridors of India. Mumbai to Delhi Delhi to kolkatta. In addition to that the speed raise will work for the southern corridor the German company is already working on it and we are going to take it forward so now all the corridors will be now upgraded to a speed of 200 kms so you can imagine what will happen if you want to travel from Delhi to Mumbai which today takes 17 to 18 hours probably it can go down to about 7 to 9 hours that will win to 500 kms of doubling tripping and other lines has been sanctioned in the last two and half years. And as part of it as you must know in the previous 70,75 years what we are sanctioned was just about 20,000 kms. Today only 42 % of lines in India are electrified in the last two and half years we have sanctioned today we have sanctioned doubling of the electrification in the next 5 years all lines will be converted to broad gauge as karnataka line will also be electrified so just imagine in the course of next few years all lines will be broad gauge almost all lines will be electrified all stations will be under various stages of developments all boggies all the coaches will be changed speed will be increased customer amenities are enhanced so you can imagine how much will be the change that is been introduced by Narendra Modi Government in the course of just two and half years. So we are prepared a plan which is under the implementation whatever I have said in the budget speech as a Railway minister it is already under advance stage of implementation if it is not fully implemented so we have to work on this and we are taking it forward . I am very happy that in karnataka we are working on many issues, 2014 -2015 the railway is to invest in Karnataka only 783 crores only 783 crores that has also increased when we came to power.in 2015 – 2016 we increased it to 1781 crores. In 2016 – 2017 we have increased to 2567 crores in 2017 – 2018 it is now increased to 3174 crore. So imagine in the course of last two and half years karnataka itself has got more than 3-4 times of the allocation that is to happen during the UPA government of that is because we are committed to the growth of karnataka because we realised karnataka is a state which has potential to grow into a real power house Kannadigas this are books in which you will find how much development has happened in Karnataka and that to I am not from the state of karnataka normally the minister is from that state so development takes in that place nowadays I am going to almost all states everyday but not everyday . When ever I go to that state people wonder whether I am from Northeast or from south or from north or from East whether I am from West because I am all the time that state is getting more and more fund from the previous government so we are belonging to India railway is Indian Railways we are committed to develop growth of India and welfare of all states in India must get below then whatever we getting. I will give just give few examples I don’t want to repeat again everything that is mentioned in the budget with our book . In 3 years we started 29 New trains, we increased the frequency of 5 trains and trains have been extended.259 kms blue lines and 114 kms doubling has been commissioned. 385 route kms of electrification were completed,136 unnamed level crossing and 89 man level crossing has been closed 59 ROBS and 204 RUBS have been constructed, there will be no escalator in any stations we are doing it all India but in Karnataka 9 escalators has been started in list in which 6 have been commissioned in the course of last two and half years freight loading has been increased on board house keeping services increased in 46 new trains you all know what is on board house keeping service means once you send an SMS within 15 minutes a person comes and cleans the coach it is cleaned by coach service on board house keeping has been increased and this has again increased in Karnataka for 46 new trains, New station buildings have been constructed second entry for KSR Bengaluru station Yeshwanthpur and  Krishnarajapuram station and in next this year itself 2017-2018 we commit to do doubling of 142 kms, 43 kms of new line 37 New ROBS and RUBS and level crossing elimination of 125 and seven more escalators hence which will be added during this year.Today I am happy to say that railways has to be vibrant to make it better we also started various schemes to increase the revenues of the railways . Today just now we launched a scheme for offering private public particie model by which the freight operator the person who is giving us a freight of customer is going to invest into the revenue stock and the private adding will be giving to us that will be discounted and the scheme we have announced all India today it is under implementation in various state today we launched one in the programme. Surat is getting developed like this in Delhi we are developing station, six more stations are getting developed in Mumbai, even in pune we are developing a station through this model. Increasing the income of the railways will happen to multiple means to the additional sources the target is of 40,000 crores we also targeting to save on energy bill 41,000 crores in the course of last 10 years to the next 10 years by investing into new technology new ideas and that again will give us a income. And also we are also going for a major ERP in the railways which is the biggest in the world to ensure that our entire operation will become completely efficient. We have started a supply chain which is completely digitalised we have still identifed some possible areas in which there is need to be more plugging of loopholes by doing that the entire operation we want to make it transparent everything is at each entry all contracts now including contacts will be available. The idea would we must make it transparent there should not be no room for any corrupt practices and we want to ensure railways will be become not only efficient but also transparent and this whole purpose is the reform the Indian Railways to make it engine of growth and our prime minister has been really leading from the front he supports the Indian Railways as no other prime minister done before .
I have directed the General Manager,DRM and ADRM to go and meet Mr K J George minster for urban development of karnataka today itself so we will find out a solution there are some technical issues which we need to sort out with the state government but I have said in the budget speech that we are committed to develop the sub urban railway system in Bengaluru and we will definately do that with the help of support and participation of the state government because state government of karnataka has been a partner from the long time and we want to work with them very closely and we are very happy to have a good participation of state government in terms of developed under the railway network so we really take it forward he added .