Four houses next to construction site collapse in Bengaluru Mayor warns of action if builder found guilty;

Four houses collapse at Sudhama Nagar.
Four houses collapsed and around 20 others were severely damaged after the ground gave way allegedly owing to excavation work at an adjacent under-construction site in Ramanna Garden, Sudhamanagara, in the Bengaluru city.
The land was adjacent to the construction site where a 40-ft-deep trench had been dug for laying the foundation of a multi-storeyed building.
The incident occurred at around 11.00 p.m. on Sunday night. Bhaskar K.a medical representative whose house collapsed, told they had made repeated requests to the construction company to stop the work. “They did not listen to our pleas. Now, because of their construction, our houses have collapsed. Where do we go now,” he asked. “Every time the construction work began, our houses would shake. Yesterday, we felt strong tremors. We immediately came out and saw our house collapse,” he added.
Builder floated norms :Residents .
Yashoda resident said,Our houses have been built using mud.We are living in this area for the past 90 years.After the construction work started our houses developed cracks.Four houses have collapsed the construction should be stopped and we want justice.
Jayalakshmi,Resident said many houses have collapsed we have complained to the BBMP but no action has been taken.Our children live in fear.We staged a protest near Townhall.The roads near our house are collapsed.
Mayor,MLA and officials visit the spot.
R V Devaraj,MLA,Chickpet said I will talk with the builders earlier.We instructed them to build a concrete retaining wall around the construction site,but they have not built it.The builder must rebuild the house that have collapsed.A few months ago,a few houses collapsed we built new houses for the residents.
The builder flouted construction norms ?
Vishwanath,Jt,Commissioner,South Division BBMP, said the Builder has taken license for the construction.Our authorities sent a notice to them in February due to some minor lapses.I have asked the builders to build the wall soon.The safety of the residents is of paramount importance to us he added
G Padmavathi,Mayor,The builder has got permission to build two basements,one ground floor and extra three floors.The builder is supposed to construct a retaining wall.A few old houses beside the construction site have been collapsed.If the builder has flouted any norms,we will take action against them she added .