Sai Entertainments, is ready again with its next unique show “Fashion in Fushion”

New Delhi – SAI ENTERTAINMENTS is a firm that has started its career in the fashion industry with a very noble cause of promoting the concept ” beti bachao beti padhao” through its first fashion show organised in the month of feb” grand fashion show”. The second fashion event tht was organised in the month of April was ” rock me fabulous” tht was organized to promote the concept of ‘women Empowerment’. And, now after the huge success of both of the shows Sai entertainments now is looking forward to organizing a unique fashion show in the month of July by the name ” fashion in fushion” which will be based on the theme ‘gender equality’ . In this show families will be participating as models wherein husband’s, wives and their children will be working together, shoulder to shoulder , hand in hand …. It will not only encourage them to value each other but will also make them and the society understand that a man and a woman complete each other. So they Should be considered as equals in the society .And, when they work together as a team they not only improve their relationship but can also take their level of understanding and love for each other to a different level will only strengthen their bond of love, making it deeper with time. It will also minimize the generation gap between parents and children as they will be working on the same platform and for the same cause. It will just help in improvising their relationships with each other and thereby strengthen family ties. Sai Entertainments is just hoping that through this show it will be successful in changing the mindset of those who believes that women is inferior to men and tht they are best fitted for just household activities and handling relationships. Hopefully, it will teach both men and women to respect each other and what they are capable of achieving in life. Sai entertainments will hopefully bring in gender equality via its next event