Vinicius symbolizes fight against racism, law named after footballer in Brazil

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata: -The government of Rio de Janeiro has changed the name of the anti-racism law. The law is named after the country’s star footballer Vinicius Junior. Vinicius Jr. has been the subject of a series of racist attacks during La Liga this year. But the Way the Brazilian star has responded to all the criticism, the Rio government has changed the name of the law by sacrificing that fighting mentality. Real Madrid’s star footballer is overwhelmed to receive such an honor.In this year’s La Liga match between Valencia and Real Madrid, the gallery repeatedly made racist comments aimed at Vinicius Junior. The Brazilian forward stopped the match and identified the audience in the gallery. As a result, Valencia’s players also started arguing with Vinnie. In the end, however, Vinnie had to leave the field. However, Valencia had to face punishment. Valencia’s gallery was closed for five matches in addition to a fine of about $50,000.The Rio government has changed the name of the law to honor the way Vinicius stood up against racism. If there is racist behavior on the field of play, then the game can be stopped or canceled through this law. The name of the law has just been changed. The Vinnie Jr. Act will take effect only after a few rules are followed. Rio’s government announced the change in the name of the law at a ceremony at Brazil’s Maracana Stadium.The Real Madrid star is overwhelmed to receive such an honor. “I didn’t think I’d get that kind of honor at such a young age. I don’t know if I deserve that. In addition to changing the name of the law, Vinnie was given a special award by the Government of Rio de Janeiro. His footprints are also tied to the Markana Stadium’s Wall of Fame. Only three players – Pele, Garrincha and Ronaldo – have received the honour.”Vinicius has become a symbol of the fight against racism, along with all his achievements in his football career,” said Rafael Picciani, Rio’s sports secretary. ”