Trio nabbed by Electronic City Cops Clueless Horrific Murder Case Solved,12 Lakhs Worth Stolen Property recovered

Trio nabbed by Electronic City Cops Clueless Horrific Murder Case Solved,12 Lakhs Worth Stolen Property recovered :
Highlights :
* Cops solve mystery of bus murder.
* He was murdered in the bus by men in the guise of passengers.
* Family Feud reason for gory killing.
* The victim and murderer were relatives.
* They used facebook to contact each other.
* Father son trio were partners in crime.
* Suresh was also a dreaded criminal.
* Victim and killers were relatives and partners in crime.
The southeast division police of electronic city police have arrested a man and his two sons for allegedly killing their associate in a BMTC bus in Electronics City in February.
The trio had boarded the crowded bus, armed with machetes, as it was approaching Konappana Agrahara bus stand on Hosur Road and stabbed a 45-year-old man in front of the other passengers.They were able to escape after the crime.
The arrested have been identified as Palabramaiah, 60, and his sons Abhsihek alias Bhanu Prakash and Dhanaraj alias Ram Kumar, 25, all natives of in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.
The vicitm, Suresh alias Seetharam, was hacked to death near the Konappana Agrahara busstand in an crowded Anekal-Majestic BMTC bus on February 21.
A middle-aged man lay in a pool of blood in the bus.
R.P.Nadaf,Bus Conductor told media persons that,They got into the bus at Electronic City around 20-30 people got into the bus at the stop.I started issuing tickets from the back and then moved to the front.There was a traffic jam a few meters away from the stop.I heard a scream in Telugu saying save me.I turned around but could not see anything as the bus was fully packed.Then an old man started attacking with a machete.There were women,children and aged in the bus.Once the door opened they got down along with the passengers and escaped.No one took any photos or did anyone try to stop them.I did not notice any weapons but all the three were carrying bags with them they looked like software engineers.They stabbed the victim in his stomach Chest,Ribs and neck he added.
Suresh had led to Pala Brahmaiah’s arrest.
Senior officer told media persons that, The victim and the accused were relatives.After the murder, the accused never returned to their native and took shelter at Hubballi, robbing bus passengers between Dharwad and Pune.The team has also recovered nearly 50 mobile phones, worth Rs 50 lakh that were stolen from passengers.The team with the help of cyber crime police traced the accused through their facebook account and picked them up from Hubbali and Mumbai on Saturday.Suresh,Palabramaiah and others were reportedly inolved in a series of dacoities in Andhra Pradesh.Later on their were differences cropped between the two over sharing the booty,leading to a fight. The two then started conspiring against each other.In a dacoity case,Palabramaiah got Suresh arrested in Tamil Nadu and the latter had spent 14 years in jail 1992 to 2006.Frustrated over Suresh’s arrest, his brother Sai Kumar tipped the Kadapa police off whereabouts Palabramaiah and got him arrested for which he underwent imprisonment for nine years and came out of the prison in 2005. Palabramaiah after his imprisonment and release from the jail started pickpocketing in Bengaluru,Hyderabad and other places.Later in 2013, the Andhra Pradesh police had arrested Palabramaiah and his associates in an Arms Act case and the latter assumed that Suresh was behind it. Coming out of the jail on bail,Palabramaiah had carried out an attack on Sai Kumar at HAL police station limits.Following this, Suresh and his son Ravindra Kumar had attacked Abhishek and Dhanaraj near Cubbon Park and a case was registered by the SR Nagar police.Due to the series of attacks and counter attacks, both the parties decided to sort out the matter with the intervention of some elderly family members.In the meeting, it was decided that Suresh had to give Rs 30 lakh to Palabramaiah.In 2017,Palabramaiah and his two sons murdered one Kanaka Rao at Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh and were absconding.Meanwhile,Suresh was evading Palabramaiah by not giving him the 30 lakhs in cash.The father and son then assumed that Suresh would get them arrested in the murder case by tipping about them to the Andhra Pradesh.They then hatched a plot to kill him.The father and sons are said to have been involved in over 50 cases.The gang is involved in robberies across Karnataka and Andhra.Suresh,the victim,is said to have come from his native and was staying in Hosakote and working as a daily-wage labourer.When the father and sons,the accused,had gone in search of him to Hosakote, the victim slipped to Attibele on February 21.Sensing danger to his life, he boarded a BMTC bus.When the bus stopped at the Konappana Agrahara busstop, the three accused had boarded the bus and started speaking to Suresh. They then pulled deadly weapons from a handbag and hacked him to death in full public view.Suresh tried to escape,but the bus door was locked.After confirming that Suresh had died,the accused threatened other passengers to give them way.Then they threatened the bus driver, asking him to stop the bus.The driver with no option stopped the bus and the accused had escaped. The driver and the conductor, along with other passengers, reported the matter to the police immediately senior officers rushed to spot and a special team led by Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,ACP Electronic city sub division, Ramesh K.N.and PI M.S.Bolletin swung into action with their crime staff worked hard for three months and they did the operation very confidentially and nabbed all the trio and solved the case he added.
“Murder was to avenge past enemity”.
DCP, Southeast,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,told media persons that as on February 21st, a man was murdered in a BMTC bus by 3 unidentified miscreants.The incident was reported in Electronic city police station limits.The motive behind the crime was that Suresh the victim and Pala Brahmaiah both relatives had an understanding between them that they would not interfere in each other’s business nor would one expose the others to the police.But around 3-4 years ago Suresh gave information to the Andhra police which led to Pala Brahmaiah’s arrest this led to differences between them and Pala Brahmaiah held a grudge against Suresh.He was plotting to kill Suresh since then.They spotted Suresh in bengaluru and hatched a plot to kill him.The main accused is Pala Brahmaiah,aged about 60 from Mangalagiri village in Guntur district.The second and the third accused are Abhishek and Dhanaraj,both are sons of Pala Brahmaiah we got to know that the trio was involved in several crimes for the last 30 years in and around Guntur district.They have more than 50 cases of robbery and dacoity cases against them.Ninety percent of them are in Andhra and ten percent in karnataka.The accused were convicted on several cases and had served a 9-year jail term.After getting released they changed their ways and started stealing mobile phones we have recovered around 50 mobile phones from the accused the accused said that they stole the phones in areas between Hubballi and Mumbai the investigation is on.We were shocked at the crime such crimes do not occur in our city.We first started with the details of the victim we then started our investigation and collected details of his past.This led to enemies and to the accused we got the details of the accused within 24 hours of the crime but nabbing them was a challenge.They changed places like Nomads and would not return for months and years.I congratulate my team for their immense efforts and finally Bengaluru police commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,Addl CP East,Seemanth Kumar Singh has appreciated,DCP Southeast,Dr.M.B.Boralingaiah,ACP Electronic City Sub Division,Ramesh K.N.PI,M.S.Bolletin,PSI,Paul Priyakumar and whole team who has done a tremendous Job in solving the clueless murder case and catching the notorious burglary gang he added.