Kolkata Police’s ACP was severely attacked by goons at the day of BJP’s “NabannaAvijan” at Kolkata – CM instructed police enquiry

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Even though BJP’s NabannaAvijan campaign was a ‘flop show’, the picture of BJP’s unrest has come to light. Somewhere the police were beaten by political criminals and in some places,  fire was set in the police station. On Tuesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was extremely angry at this political program of the BJP. She spoke about BJP’s attack on the police in the administrative meeting of East Medinipur on Wednesday. On this day, she said, “The police could have opened fire if they wanted to. But peacefully controlled the whole thing.”Kolkata Police ACP Devjit Chatterjee was attacked by goons on Tuesday. He is currently admitted to the hospital. Referring to that incident, the Chief Minister said from the administrative meeting that she had spoken to the police officer. He needs surgery. In response to this incident, Mamata slammed the BJP and said, “There can be a movement in a democratic manner. But hire a train to bring gangsters? They will bring bombs in bags, they will bring guns, what else!”In addition, Mamata criticized the BJP without naming the police car on fire.Not only that, Mamata said, “Due to yesterday’s incident, traders have suffered huge losses. Barabazar, Mangalhat was closed yesterday. Ahead of Puja, which has put traders at a disadvantage.”Besides giving strict instructions to the administration, Mamata said, “Legal action should be taken against those who did anti-social activities in the name of political program yesterday.”