“Jis Lahore Nhi Dekhya O Jamiya Nhi” Hindi Theatre Play

The Drama begins with a Muslim family having suffered painful displacement of partition is migrated from Lucknow to a Haveli vacated by a departing Hindu family in Lahore. They find an old Hindu woman still living in that Haveli.  She refuses to be robbed of her home. This Hindu woman has lost her son and family in the riots that followed the partition of nation in 1947. The play is set in the city of Lahore and around the time of the partition.  Many lives were lost and many families were separated overnight and despite the passage of more than sixty two years, those wounds are still fresh. The play deals with this delicate subject very sensitively. The play focuses on a Muslim family, the Mirza’s from Lucknow, who flee to Lahore after the partition takes place.  They were allotted a Haveli erstwhile owned by a famous Hindu Jeweler’s family, who was probably killed in the carnage. However, their matriarch “Mai’ (old Hindu lady) still survives, and continues living in the Haveli, unnoticed by the looting goons, when the Mirza’s arrive.  A clash over the ownership of the Haveli ensues, and gradually the entire neighborhood gets involved. In the end, “Mai’ wins over the Mirza family and other neighbor’s affection.  They all with the help of their Poet neighbor and the local Priest (who preaches a tolerant Islam), rally around her and protect her from the local goons. There are many serious questions raised by this play.  The biggest being, was all the bloodshed and trauma of the partition necessary or even justified?

The audience gets haunted by this thought.