Ghotak gets replaced by a look alike in Chidiyaghar

Sony SAB’s Chidiyaghar is gearing up for another twist in the story with the introduction of Ghotak’s lookalike.


While on the duty, Ghotak (Paresh Ganatra) asks a passenger for a ticket, but the passenger turns out to be a punk. He threatens Ghotak that he will shoot him the next time he spots him. Ghotak gets extremely scared and comes home and hides in the room. The family members ask Ghotak about his fear, he narrates the entire incident to them. Babuji advises Ghotak to file an FIR, but he refuses. At the same time in the mental asylum the staff informs the doctor that a patient named Bablu has fled from the hospital, while the staff was celebrating Bablu’s birthday. The doctor asks the hospital staff to immediately file a police complaint as Bablu is very dangerous and cannot roam around the society openly. Ghotak does not go to office and takes 3 days leave instead. Babuji scolds Ghotak for not stepping out from the house and advises him to atleast take a troll in the nearby lane. Ghotak goes to Chidiyaghar lane, in the meanwhile Bablu also reaches there in order to escape from the police and hides under a vegetable cart. The Police reaches there and misunderstands Ghotak to be Bablu and catches him. Bablu who is hiding under the vegetable handcart tries to sneak out but while sneaking out of the vegetable handcart turns upside down and all the vegetables get scattered on the road. The owner of the handcart runs behind Bablu to beat him, but Mayuri (Shafaq Naaz) who is passing by from there sees him and misunderstands him to be Ghotak and brings him home.


At home, Bablu sees that Koyal (Aditi Sajwan) is cutting vegetables and Babuji is scaring away the rats with a ruler, on seeing this Bablu gets scared and thinks that they want to kill him. Everybody thinks that Ghotak is still in the shock with the punk’s threat. Bablu is always seen staying with Mayuri as he thinks that she has saved him. With Bablu’s strange behavior, Babuji gets a hint that he is not Ghotak.

Will Narayan family find out the truth behind Ghotak’s look alike Bablu?

Commenting on the track, Paresh Ganatra who plays Ghotak says, “This entire fiasco with the introduction of Ghotak’s look alike Bablu is going to create a lot of drama. The real Ghotak gets caught by the police assuming him to be Bablu, but what happens to Ghotak after that is worth a watch.”